User-generated content on demand.

We do it  better.

Not all customers want the same thing. Not all brands do, either.

Experiences generates customized, relevant and authentic UGC that fits your brand message.
Any type of content. Every context.

Content with influence

The content that we provide comes from real people – and that means real social proof.

Rich, real and believable media has the potential to be more influential than anything a brand can possibly create itself – from SEO to the time of purchase.

Anywhere, anytime.

Customers usually have plenty to say about brands and products, from specific details of the product to experiences with your brand.

These moments have the power to inspire, educate and convince your audience: they help them make better decisions, and get closer to – and past – the purchase point.

Not just knowledge. Experience.

Sometimes a home video is better than a Hollywood blockbuster.

Your customers might not always give the ‘PR approved’ version, but they present their own experiences in unexpected – and sometimes beautiful – ways.

They live. You learn.

Great data means easy decisions, for you and your customers. The information we collect not only helps shoppers make the right choice, but it also informs your business decisions – so you can be totally ready for your customers, every step of the buying journey.

Any analytics service can give you the what. We help you understand the why.

Why Reevoo

and brawn.

With our unique collection method, we proactively collect the content your customer wants. That’s not guesswork: our approach is data driven, so we’re always supporting your business goals.

Trust  builder.

We’ve been collecting content from customers from a long time.
They trust us because we help them buy better, giving them the chance to be heard by brands and help others, too.

It’s why people tell us more: 89% of customers who contribute content
through Reevoo do it because they trust our values.

92% of consumers say they trust earned media – while only half trust paid ads.


Proactive content collection produces way more, may times over than just sitting back and waiting for your customers to volunteer it.

And when you have more content, you can leverage it to reach more people, wherever they are.

Fit in
with the décor.

Experiences is designed to both look and feel seamless.
We know where and how to display content to make sure it
will enhance the existing environment – not clash with it.


Working with us

Here's how we make it easy:

Getting set up is easy.

We work with brands and agencies to identify their specific business goals, and match them with the topics and discussions your customers are interested in.

The platform goes to work.

Experiences content links intuitively with Reviews and Conversations, unifying your content at all times for maximum impact.

Responsibility for results.

Your results are our responsibility: we work with you to make sure you’re getting the most value from your content.

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Your customers have a lot more to say beyond reviews.
They’re open to sharing personal stories, invaluable tips and more.

Experiences is our way of unlocking those doors.”

Get involved in the next wave of customer advocacy.

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