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Our products and managed service enable you to harness the Voice of the Customer at every stage of the multichannel purchase journey.
Ratings and Reviews
Want more?
You can boost your core ratings and reviews solution with three additional modules to boost your social reach, SEO performance and overall marketing efforts:
Reevoo Conversations
Put your fan club to work to facilitate peer-to-peer product discussion and support with conversations between your prospects and real buyers.
Reevoo Insight
Unlock valuable trends and messages coming from your customer reviews. Armed with a unique and real-time understanding of customer thinking, you can respond (both in the short and long term) to make improvements, solve problems and retain loyalty.
Reevoo Everywhere
Reach your prospects offline with the power of reviews and ratings. Infuse customer advocacy into print, poster, TV and in-store advertising.
Reevoo Platform
All our modules are powered by the Reevoo Platform. This core technology comes with mobile, social, analytical and integration features to extend the value of your content.

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