iPod Touch 4 16GB MP3 Player Reviews

1 customer review

This MP3/MP4 player is a good all rounder.

£175 at 1 retailer out of 391 retailers checked

10.0 out of 10 based on 1 review.
iPod Touch 4 16GB: Touchscreen See full product description

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Product Features

Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 16
Touchscreen Yes
WiFi Yes
Vertical resolution (Pixels) 640
Horizontal resolution (Pixels) 960
Weight (g) 101

Also known as: iPod Touch 4 (3.5

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Manufacturer's Description

You can never have too much fun. The new iSight camera lets you take your best shots. Facebook integration gives you plenty to post about. (Or you can just ask Siri to post for you.) And of course there are endless games to play and endless music to listen to. All on the thinnest lightest iPod touch ever. Brilliant New design. It’s OK to stare. When you see the new iPod touch for the first time you won′t believe your eyes. But when you hold it in your hand ? that′s when you get how unbelievable it is. It weighs next to nothing yet it′s no lightweight: it still does all the gaming surfing messaging and everything else you love more powerfully than ever. All-new Apple EarPods Apple designers and engineers tested 124 different prototypes of the EarPods on over 600 people to create the all-new Apple EarPods. The result? A really comfortable fit and incredible sound. The loop The iPod touch loop comes colour-matched to your iPod touch or you can buy other colours separately. It′s a fun new way to keep your iPod touch safe at hand. 4-inch Retina display. Big fun. iPod touch now has a bigger 4-inch Retina display so all your fun takes on a bigger size. Your hairpin car-racing turns your dance party playlist your favourite celeb gossip site ? everything is sharp vivid and lifelike. And the new display is a perfect widescreen fit for your HD films and TV programmes because now you can watch them all without letterboxing. One-handed use The new iPod touch screen gets taller but not wider so you still have complete one-handed control. New iSight camera. Smile. It′s the best camera ever on an iPod touch. Some moments are just begging for a photo. Your best friend′s spooky lookalike spotted on the street.

Product Retailer Price Total price Buy now
Apple iPod Touch 16GB (4th Generation)
Apple iPod Touch 16GB (4th Generation) £170 + £5 delivery Go

In stock

  • £175 at 1 retailer out of 391 retailers checked

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